Gutter Cleaning & Repair Services

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond roofing. We will help you maintain the health and structure of your roof through periodic gutter cleaning services.

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Cleaning Your Gutters Protects Your Home.

You may wonder if cleaning your gutters seasonally is truly necessary. We are here to assure you, it definitely is! Seasonal gutter cleaning is vital for preventing water damage to your home, safeguarding against roof leaks, and avoiding the buildup of debris that can lead to gutter and downspout blockages. These blockages can cause water to overflow, damaging your home’s foundation, exterior, and landscaping.

Benifits Of Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Company

Safety Considerations:

Navigating heights safely is a significant concern when it comes to gutter cleaning, as it often requires ladder work that poses risks, particularly for those uneasy with heights or lacking balance. Professional services bring not only the right experience but also the appropriate safety equipment to mitigate the risks of falls and ensure the job is done without incident.

Additional Benefits:

The convenience offered by professional gutter cleaning services extends beyond just the cleaning; it includes the organization, execution, and clean-up, freeing you from the burden and mess. Moreover, reputable companies are usually insured, providing you with protection against any accidents on your property during the service.

Peace of Mind:

Employing professional gutter cleaning services reduces the risk of water damage, which can result from clogged gutters overflowing and harming your home’s roof, foundation, and landscaping. A clean gutter system also elevates your home’s curb appeal and maintains its exterior condition, potentially increasing its market value. Many gutter cleaning companies back their work with warranties or service guarantees, offering additional reassurance and accountability.

Efficiency and Professional Expertise:

Hiring professionals can be a real time-saver, eliminating the hassle and extensive time commitment of gutter cleaning. With their specialized skills and equipment, professionals can achieve more efficient and effective cleaning than most DIY efforts, ensuring no debris, leaves, or blockages are left behind. They also conduct inspections to identify and address any damage or issues early on, preventing future complications.

50 Year Warranty

Noble Roofing LTD is the only company in Victoria that is an approved installer of GAF roofing products and shingles. This means the Manufacturer provides a full 50 year warranty to every shingle installed by Noble Roofing LTD for our clients.

How to Know When To Clear Your Eavestrough

In Victoria, BC, it’s essential to watch for key signs indicating your eavestrough needs cleaning. Overflowing gutters during rain, visible debris, sagging, or water damage on your home’s exterior are clear alerts. Given our specific climate, a thorough cleaning in the fall is crucial to prevent blockages from fall leaves. However, Victoria’s rainy seasons also warrant a check in spring to ensure proper drainage. Additionally, after any heavy rain or significant snowfall, inspect for clogs. If you notice animals nesting, it’s time for an immediate clean to avoid further issues. Staying proactive with these tips can protect your home from water damage effectively.